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Enhance Security for Residential Condominiums, Gated Communities, and High Rise Building

We all wish to feel secure in our homes. However, suppose you manage or own an apartment complex, a gated community, or another private living environment.

Residential Security

Hotel and Hospitality Security Services

Professional California Unified Security Guard Service so your hotel, hospitality staff, and guests can enjoy a unique, secure, and safe environment.


Enhance Your Construction Sites Security with Unified Security Guards

Guaranteeing your building site is secured throughout is crucial to any project's prosperity, massive projects


Commercial Real Estate Security Solutions, Shopping Centers, Storefront, Retail, Bank security Services

Private Security is our forte. As your trusted corporate security partner, Unified Security Guard enables you to focus on the growth and development of your business. We understand the unique commercial property security challenges that you experience.


Distribution and Logistics, Supply Chain Security, Warehouse Security Services

As goods move through a supply network from the producer to the supplier, they risk various dangers, including theft and damage.

Warehouse Security

Education or School Security Services

It is, therefore, becoming progressively typical that educational milieus seek help in the form of expert school security services while ensuring their site and, in particular, protecting the youngsters who visit it every day.


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